Mustang is again listed as a must-see in 2024 by The New York Times

Mustang is again listed as a must-see in 2024 by The New York Times

The New York Times, an American newspaper, has released a list of 52 locations across the globe that are appropriate for vacation in 2024. Mustang of Nepal, is also mentioned in the list.

The New York Times' list of attractions includes a statement from locals indicating that the addition of Mustang will result in a rise in foreign visitor arrivals. According to Mustang's Chief District Officer, Janak Raj Pant, this would help boost the number of visitors to Nepal overall.

"Mustang is both an archaeological and religious site. Both local and foreign tourists are drawn to the well-known pilgrimage destination of Muktinath, according to Chief District Officer Pant.

The majority of travelers who travel to Muktinath are frequently Indians.

The mythological and historical village of Lomanthang is another reason to visit Mustang. Lomanthang is well known for its elaborately constructed homes and its mud walls enclosing the city. One of Nepal's cultural treasures, the Jampa Gompa, is located within the settlement of Lomanthang.

"In many villages of Mustang, there are tourist destinations within the villages themselves," Pant explains. "Every location has a special charm of its own. Every site is a unique example."

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