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Nepal Tibet Tours & Treks have been arranging a joint trip to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan and endeavor to fulfill our client’s wish of doing a tour on these Himalayan states. Traveling in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan offers an experience to explore different traditions, cultures, history and see natural beauty of each country. Also, you will come across with local people of each country and observe their living style and prospect to look at their way of life; spot flora-fauna and many more.

The best season for Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour is March to May and autumn September to November. Also, months like June, July and August are also suitable months to make tour to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Most fascinating parts of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan tours include exploration and study of Nepalese, Tibetan and Bhutanese culture, seeing eye-catching landscapes, apparently similar but extraordinary lifestyle of local Nepalese, Tibetan and Bhutanese people, striking Himalaya ranges, many stunning rivers and several more.

Offering a wide variety of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan tours, Nepal Tibet Tours & Treks also design the itineraries to go well with the client’s needs. Also, we offer experienced guides and who are government license holders. Nepal Tibet Tours & Treks can be your proficient tour operator to manage the complex visa and necessary entry permit arrangement. We manage three country tours jointly with the intention to let the visitors save time and money. You will be sheltered at different hotels, resort and even guesthouse during the Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Tours. So do not miss this tour with your families, friends and make your holidays the best one possible taking aid from Nepal Tibet Tours & Treks!

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NEPAL TIBET TOURS & TREKS provides you an opportunity to experience a matchless combination of natural beauty and unique cultures of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.
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