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Despite being a small country, Nepal seemingly has the whole world in itself. Diversity is a word that cannot be left out when talking about Nepal. Nepal has captivating and pristine physical features, climatic variation, flora and fauna, historical, cultural, religious, and architectural significance, diverse tribes, languages, and a unique lifestyle. These diversities help Nepal to identify as a Nation of Wonders

The Himalayan region, extending upto 8848m; the highest altitude in the world, has glistening snow-clad mountains which is a perfect destination for trekking. Many popular mountain circuits are present in this region. Extending from Mechi to Mahakali, the Hilly region is diverse with magnificent natural and cultural beauty that is suitable for activities like hiking, rafting, paragliding, rock climbing, bungee jumping, and zip flyer, and immeasurably more. Likewise, the Terai region, with its rich flora and fauna, presents you with experiences of jungle safari. Moreover, there are conservation areas, national parks, and wildlife reserves preserving the rich flora and fauna of Nepal. In addition, an indefinite number of religious and historic landmarks are also included in attractions of Nepal that carry the great legacies of Nepalese history. 

Nepal has variations in temperature according to the altitude. There is a subtropical climate with a rainy season in the southern flat strip, a temperate climate in the low mountains, and a cold mountain climate in the peaks of the Himalayas. There is no bad season to visit Nepal. You can opt for a tour at any time. Still, the best time would be Spring i.e. between March to May, and Autumn i.e. September to November

Furthermore, you will be endowed with a tour guide who can communicate with you in the English language as well as German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese; according to your need. We will assist you in accommodating at well-appointed and comfortable hotels, and resorts during your stay. To amaze your taste buds, Nepal offers a range of different delicacies from various ethnic and tribal groups. 

You will be welcomed with the warmth and love of the natives. Nepalese are hospitable by birth and polite by nature. You are our guests and will be treated with great respect. And we will be more than happy to provide you our services.  

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