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What’s Special about “Visit Nepal 2020”

What’s Special about “Visit Nepal 2020”

What’s Special about “Visit Nepal 2020”


“Nepal has been named as a ‘top destination for travelers to visit in 2020 and beyond’ by Forbes magazine”.

This pretty much explains why Nepal is one of the best travel and tour destinations in the world, and nowadays there’s this much-talked about Visit Nepal 2020.

If you are an avid traveler to Nepal, you must have some idea about it. In the past, Nepal celebrated Visit Nepal 1998 and Nepal Tourism 2011 which were prodigiously successful. Keeping up with this tradition, the Nepal Tourism Board’s Visit Nepal 2020 endeavors to attract fellow travelers like you and enhance the prospect of tourism in Nepal.

The Objectives of Visit Nepal 2020:

  • Increase the arrival of International tourists up-to 2 million by 2020.
  • Make Nepal as one of the peculiar and awe-inspiring destinations in the world.
  • Develop the tourism industry for the country’s economic growth.
  • Construction or renovation of major heritage sites before 2020
  • Complete the extension of Tribhuvan International Airport and the construction of Gautam Buddha Airport in Bhairawa before 2020.


The motto for this year’s Visit Nepal 2020 is “Lifetime Experiences”; Make sure 2020 is the year you experience these once in a lifetime experiences, here, with us.

1. Adventure

Carry your backpack and feed your adventure junkie soul with adrenaline-pumping activities like trekking, mountain climbing, Bungee Jumping, paragliding, rafting and so on for best experiences at affordable prices. The glistening snow-covered peaks, the flowing rivers from these peaks and the holy grail of mountains are waiting for you, go and conquer them.

2. Relish in nature: 

From the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical forests of Terai, Nepal has variations that make it suitable for a diverse range of flora and fauna. National parks like Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Kanchanjunga National Park and so on allows you to explore the world's most exotic and endangered species; activities like jungle safari, village tour, canoeing, and so on can be great. 

Be away from the chaos, take time to appreciate the serenity and tranquility nature has to offer.

3. Encounter with Gods

Nepal has different ethnic communities who share their respective cultures and traditions where each day is a celebration of life. If you are lucky enough, you might encounter the living Goddess Kumari who is and worshipped throughout the country. The birthplace of Buddha, which is also home to temples and monasteries, Nepal can be a great place for meditation and spiritual rejuvenation. 

Self-discovery along with the discovery of aloof destinations.

4. Gastronomical experience: 

After all the traveling and exploring, you are bound to be starving; you need not worry as there are multi-cuisine restaurants to home-cooked meals of traditional kitchens to satisfy your hunger. These meals can be compared to ambrosia, food of the Gods which will just leave you wanting more of it.


What if you can't bring your loved ones along with you? You can always take souvenirs for them and take a piece of Nepal back home. Apart from the photographs and the experiences, the exquisite handicrafts of Nepal can be a great way to treasure your memories forever.


There’s not even a single day that you will feel bored in Nepal, no matter when you visit Nepal. Needless to say, but you’ve got more reasons to Visit Nepal in 2020. Apart from various activities, the year 2020 is going to be full of events to keep you entertained throughout the year.


Nepal India China Expo (NICE):

Around February of 2020, Nepal will have the first-ever tri-national tourism expo envisaged by PATA Nepal so as to bring the tourism and hospitality sectors of Nepal, India, and China together.

For more info:www.nicenepal.com

Mustang Trail Race (April 2020):

A high altitude trail race of 170km long through the culturally Tibetan, trans Himalayan region of Nepal.

Everest Marathon (May 2020)

Himalayan Travel Mart (June 2020):

HTM is Nepal’s premier international travel and tourism trade show facilitating unparalleled networking and business opportunities and valuable industry insights among the global tourism and hospitality organizations, and individuals engaged in different aspects of tourism in the Himalayan region.

For more info:https://www.htmnepal.com/


Apart from these, there are other events like the inauguration of VNY 2020, Otako Jatra, sustainable summit conference and so on.

By now you must have pretty much decided whether you want to be a part of Visit Nepal 2020 or not- if you haven’t then we have a few commitments of Visit Nepal 2020  that might make you reconsider your decision. 

Climate change: 

Everybody is aware of how serious the issue of climate change has become these days; therefore, Visit Nepal 2020 is focusing on climate change by making plans that include mountaineering and trekking to mitigate overcrowding and mismanaged practices, green initiatives whilst offering lifetime tourism experience.  

So, if you’ve ever wanted to tackle climate change then this could be a great opportunity to contribute to this noble cause.


Community-based tourism:

One of their main initiatives is to develop the far-flung and primitive areas of Nepal by developing tourism so as to promote economic growth and financial independence. 




Pheww...so many things to do, but so little time. To be honest, even a whole year in Nepal won’t be enough for you once you come here. However, this year Visit Nepal 2020 makes sure that you get a taste of all the best things that Nepal has to offer in a lifetime.


Still skeptical about the trip? Worried that your trip might not plan out as all of your previous trips?


Don’t worry, just get ready with your backpacks, we’ve got your back. With Nepal Tibet Treks and Tours, we make tour plans as per the needs of our clients...even though it’s a very last minute trip; You can be rest assured to make 2020 the best year of your life by celebrating Visit Nepal 2020 with us.

Join us and get ready to be hit with a wave of excitement this 2020.


Ps. When you come to Nepal, make sure you learn this one Nepali greeting: Namaste you will be responded with love, respect, and a heartwarming smile.






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