Tibet Travel Information

Tibet Information

How to enter Tibet?

By Air:

You can enter Tibet by China side, there are flights to Lhasa form different cities of China or you may enter by train to Lhasa. Air China weekly operates flight from KATHMANDU to (LHASA ... Read More

Tibet Permit Visa Information

All foreigners except citizen's of China (including Hong Kong, and Macau), are required to obtain a visa and special Tibet Travel Permit before traveling to Tibet. In addition to the visa, it is necessary to obtain an aliens' travel ...
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When to travel Tibet?


April to October is the high season in Tibet, although, many festivals and tours are organized in the off season. You may find even more comfort and hospitality, as there are fewer tourists.You ...
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FAQS of Tibet Travel



You can enter Tibet by China side, there are flights to Lhasa form ...
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Places to visit in Tibet

Tibet (Xizang), the Roof of the World, remained unknown to the world until the very beginning of the 20th century. Locked away in its Himalayan fortress, Tibet has long exercised a unique hold on the imagination of the West. Tibet has offer some of ...
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Culture of Tibet

The culture of Tibet is a unique blend of Tibetan Buddhism, traditional Tibetan beliefs, and influences from neighboring countries such as India, Nepal, and China.

Tibetan Buddhism is the dominant religion and has a profound impact on all aspects ...
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Religion in Tibet

Religion in Tibet is predominantly Tibetan Buddhism, which is a unique form of Buddhism that has evolved over centuries in Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism is based on the teachings of the Buddha, but also incorporates elements of indigenous Tibetan beliefs, ...
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Major Festivals in Tibet

Tibet has several major festivals throughout the year, some of which include:

Tibetan New Year:

Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar, is the most important festival ...
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Transportation and Customs in Tibet

By Overland & Organized Tours:

One option for adventurous travelers to enter or leave Tibet is by road, following the same path that explorers have attempted for over a century. This 8-day ...
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