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Visa on Arrival SUSPENSION due to CORONA VIRUS

Visa on Arrival SUSPENSION due to CORONA VIRUS

Nepal, a country that provides VISA ON ARRIVAL to tourists as well as refugees with travel documents from all countries other than 12 countries and territories has now also suspended it for five countries badly affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. 


The five newly suspended countries for the Visa On Arrival effective from March 10, 2020 to the date of further notice are: 

1. People’s Republic of China, including Special Administrative Regions

2. Republic of Korea

3. Japan

4. Italy 

5. Islamic Republic of Iran


Although, as mentioned in the notice from the Department of Immigration, Government of Nepal, anyone wanting to visit Nepal can obtain their visa beforehand from the Nepali Missions and embassies. 

To obtain the visa to Nepal, the traveller will have to submit a recently issued health certificate with the visa application while applying in the embassy. 

Acknowledging the criticality of the spread of coronavirus, this is a proactive precautionary step taken by the Government of Nepal to control the affected count in the country. 


Coronavirus affected count in Nepal

With 1 infected person diagnosed yet, Nepal seems to be comparatively less affected with the spread. The Nepal government has established screening centres for the coronavirus at the airport and border checkpoints keep the number at check. 

If suspected with Coronavirus infection while entering the country, the suspects are compulsorily  kept into quarantine for 14 days and released only if the tests turn negative. 

Count Source: https://bit.ly/2IDKFlt