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Mt. Kailash has been a religious sanctuary since the pre-Buddhist times. People from different religions like Buddhists, Hindus, Bonpos, and Jain adore this sacred peak for its divinity and believe that one kora (round) around Mt. Kailash cleanses sins of a lifetime; 108 koras breaks the cycle of rebirth and assures one of Nirvana after death. This Kailash Tour is ideal for adventure enthusiasts too and it confers natural beauty, tents in grasslands, overwhelming mountain views and the remote lands which definitely will make this journey memorable for a lifetime.

Another attraction is the conspicuous and divine Lake Mansarovar (4590m.). In Hinduism, Kailash is known as the abode of Lord Shiva and the soul of Brahma near Manasarovar Lake.  The lake is believed to clear one’s vexation when rinsed by the water. The four most revered Indian sub-continent rivers begin from Kailash which are Karnili (a foremost tributary of the Ganga), Sutlej, Indus, and Brahmaputra. Nature lovers can come across abundant extraordinary species of wildlife, birds, and flora in this mystical region. In Hinduism, Mt. Kailash is also called 'Sumeru Parbat' which provides a religiously inspiring, naturally exceptional and truly worthwhile expedition of a life-time.

We, Visit Nepal Tibet Treks have designed different Kailash tour packages for our valuable clients. 

Important Facts:

Location: Western Tibet (China)

Altitude: Kailash Peak 22,022 feet

Parikrama of Kailash: 32 miles (three days)

High point of Parikrama: 19,500 feet

Lake Mansarovar: situated in 14,954 feet

Circumference of Mansarovar: 63 miles

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